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The Power Within SoulFest Expo is an opportunity for you to be a part of a unique community event, share your organization's mission, gain increased exposure for your support of health and spiritual awareness, and connect with audiences from Washington, DC, and beyond. 


Do you own a company which supports or promotes African holistic and natural healing ?  Consider becoming a sponsor by donating money, time or materials to the attendees of the Power Within SoulFest.  Each sponsor is promoted before, during and after the event in pictures, social media status updates, our website content, email campaigns, and Facebook and Twitter social media.







Click here to become a sponsor

****Sponsorship outside of the vending option – you can be a sponsor without even attending the Expo.
The benefits of the Power Within SoulFest sponsorship is very far-reaching.****


The Power Within SoulFest Expo is seeking to build relationships with organizations, businesses, and groups interested in event sponsorship or vending. There are many reasons why health and spiritual-conscious organizations might want to sponsor the Power Within SoulFest Expo:

• Exposure for your business or organization.

• Connections with other healthy and spiritually focused groups.

• Recognition for your good work in the areas of health and spiritual education and awareness.


The 2015 fest is projected to have an attendance of nearly 300. Our PR and marketing efforts include radio, partners' websites, social media, email announcements and the festival website.


We hope that you will join this exciting and growing event as a festival sponsor!

Become A Sponsor

Add your business card, samples, flyer for your next event, coupons and trinkets. You can fulfill 200-300 bags, which means you can earn anything from 200-300 new customers.


$10 to place your items/cards in gift bags.


$25 to place your items/cards in gift bags AND receive an ad in our post-event digital magazine.



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$105 Power Within SoulFest Ma'at Sponsorship

Free Entry/Admission. Logo placement on this website. Gets loads of hits throughout the year! We will have events throughout the year. You WILL get noticed here!








$210 Power Within SoulFest PtahHotep Sponsorship

2 Free Admission Tickets. Logo placement on our website, business card/flyer/ brochure in every guests gift bags, email newsletter and social media blasts related to Power Within SoulFest prior to, during and after the event.






$500 Power Within SoulFest Ausar/Auset Sponsorship

6 Free Admission Tickets. Everything above including your name on all printed and digital Power Within SoulFest materials (i.e. flyers/posters). 

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Be a Demo Class Sponsor 

Do you teach yoga, capoeira or teach hand-dancing, Salsa, or Zouk dance classes and would like to do a demo class during the Power Within SoulFest? If so, ask us about doing a Demo Class.

Media Sponsorship 

Tehuti Sponsorship


Request Media Sponsorship Information

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