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Dr. Douglass, founder of Quantum Wellness Naturopathic Center,  began early in his medical service career as a volunteer in the Panther Program Breakfast Program, the HABIB Home Birthing Network, RAP, Inc. and continues today as his innovatively successful treatment protocols for many recovering from various forms of  disease including HIV, cancer, diabetes, lupus and more locally and worldwide.  His patients give testimonies from across the USA, the Caribbean, various African nations, Asia and Europe.   From his open-hearted professional sharing his collaborations have supported the birth of works by other greats such as Dr. Chissell, Dr. Warren Harrison , Dr. Dukes and many others. 


1977 Doctorate Naturopathic Medicine. Potomac Naturopathic Medical Institute, Cooperative Health Conservatory founder (1980). Part of team that lead to the implementation of D.C. lead level screening program in the 1960's; Civil rights activist, dancer, poet, percussionist, and researcher.

Our Natural Powers 101:
What You Get, Is What You Do Not See

with The Father of African Wholistic Health of DC, Dr. Gerald Douglass-Harper


From Self-love to Matrimony
with Dr. Jeff Menzise (J. Menaq)
Doctor of  Clinical Psychology, certified hypnotist, professor, holisitic health consultant, initiated and ordained multi-faith priest/minister, author of Dumbing Us Down and J. A. Rogers' Rambling Ruminations, certified Kemetic Yoga teacher (level 1), reiki master, life coach and consultant. 


•How to break the dysfunctional relationship cycle.

•How to enhance and improve your current relationship.

•Techniques for cultivating sexual energy. 

• Methods for improving sexual and reproductive health.

•And much more...

Dr. Jeff Menzise has worked extensively in matters concerning holistic health, mind, body & spirit alignment, marriage and family planning, self-development, initiation and rites of passage program development, life purpose guidance, meditation, yoga and pranic healing.

Individual Consultations Available: (Must schedule in advance), Personality & Sexual Compatibility; Relationship Ready; Self Improvement Plans,  Holistic Regimen for Reproductive & Sexual Health.  
The Art of Self-Pleasure with Tantric Breath
with Doctah Ayo Handy-Kendi

Doctah Ayo Handy-Kendi, CB, CTBF, CLYL, CSYMI; Reiki Master;

The Breath Expert, founder, Breathology; 
CEO, PositivEnergyWorks, LLC; Author; Speaker;

Host - The Sage-ing Baby Boomers Show; and
founder, Black Love Day - Feb. 13th

Individual/Partner/Group session on self-love using Tantric Breathing, other pleasurable techniques and benefits.  


"There is Power in the Breath.  Let me help you relearn how to breathe to access your power for enhanced life, health, work and longevity. Breathology is life-changing offering minute-to-minute Yoga in Spirit, Mind and Body."


AYO HANDY-KENDI demonstrates over 30+ years of experience as a Wholistic Practitioner, Breathologist, Stress Manager, Community Organizer, Life Coach/Counselor, Speaker, Storyteller, Author, Producer inspiring countless numbers in their growth and development. As CEO of PositivEnergyWorks™, she offers a wellness service integrating Breath with transformative practices such as Senior Yoga Movement, Tantra, Meditation, Reiki, Ra Sekhi, Jin Shin Tara, Visualization, Cartharting, Aroma and Laugh Therapy, Diversity training and Life Coaching. She is also renown as the founder of Breathology™ and the founder of Black Love Day.

The Sage-ing Baby Boomers

Chi Gong for Men's Empowerment
with Manifest Ra

CEO of Manifest Innertainment LLC, Life Balance Expert, Transformational Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Chi Gong Ambassador and Humanitarian.

Wholistic Health Academics 101: 
Defining the Basic Fundamental Principles
in the Approach to Healing and Wellness for
Self, Family, and Community
with Dr. Kokayi Patterson, ND, ADS
  • Founder African Wholistic Health Association, Inc/ AWHA Inc.

  • Founder ADS Collective (Acupuncture Detox Collective)

This dynamic and empowering workshop will teach participants how to master the art of being present in the moment. Learn to master yourself and our enviroment. Become the leader and the healer.  ~Empower, Enlighten and Heal from Within ~


Chi Gong is the ancient science of energy cultivation yet it could also be defined as energetic transformation. This comprehensive mind/body paradigm encompasses every aspect of life including health, enlightenment, sustainable living and relationships. 

This workshop will educate parents/families how to eat better, while developing a healthy food relationships

Awaken Your Passion 
for Healthy Eating 
with Sakhet  McConnell

Owner of NuAri Solutions.  A dedicated public health educator, with expertise in fine-tuning health, financial operations and in implementing operational improvements. 

The Truth About Men Loving
Multiple Women
with Tantra/Tao Love
Towards Spiritual & Healing Unions 
with Brother Lulama (Swami Jivan)

Master Understanding the Female Nature with Tantra/Tao Sacred Science

Student of spiritual psychology, Chi-Gong, Tantra and Yoga, writer and researcher

Manifest Ra is a Transformational Living Expert, Transformational Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Chi Gong Ambassador and Humanitarian. He is the CEO of Manifest Innertainment LLC, an empowerment, wellness and balanced living company that provides transformational speaking, balance living and wellness seminars and Chi Gong classes to groups and coaching to individuals. 


In 2000 Manifest embarked on his Chi Gong journey in 2000 and later received his Chi Gong healer/instructor certification from Grandmaster T.K. Shih. at the Chinese Healing Arts Center. Presently, Manifest brings his message of “Empower, Enlighten and Heal from Within to corporations, government agencies, colleges & universities, schools, conferences and retreats.


He is also the founder of DC based non-profit organization Heal Humanity where he serves as the spiritual director and chairman. Manifest organizes and promotes the Universal Love Movement (ULM), a Heal Humanity initiative and monthly full moon gathering.  
Let Manifest help you transform your life.


In this workshop we will define the Wholistic Circle and it's application to Spirit, Mind, Body, and Community/Environment. Let's go back to basics: eat right, drink water and get proper rest, and break addictions such as from sugar.


Dr Patterson provides Acupuncture Detox Services, Herbal Formulas for health, African Moringa, African Aloe and Bitter Crystals, Wholistic Health Assessments.

Dr Patterson has been practicing Wholistic Health lifestyle since 1972 and began his Acupuncture training under Dr Mutulu Shakur(Tupac's dad) in 1978. Dr. Patterson is committed to promoting community Wholistic healings, 
 conducting classes, seminars and workshops providing free weekly health education and nutrition information to an estimated 43,000 community residents; workshops and classes over the years.


In 1985, Dr. Kokayi Patterson established a detoxification (Detox) program for residential drug-treatment in Washington, DC at RAP, Inc. Building on that experience, in the past 2 ½ decades the African Wholistic Health Association has developed a menu of detox and total cleansing processes and services that have been available in community settings across Washington, DC for the 28 years. AWHA’s detox and total cleansing program has proven successful for many clients alleviating toxicity, and addressing the underlying causes of disease and health disparities. 


The African Wholistic Health Association was founded in 1988 and incorporated in Washington, DC in 1992 by nationally recognized leaders in complimentary and alternative medicine. Dr. Kokayi Patterson, Dr. Gerald Douglas, Dr. Warren Harrison and Dr. Prem deBen subsequently established community treatment and wellness centers in Washington, DC .


Social Media: Acupuncture Detox Specialists - ADS Collective

Sakhet Ra Maat has provided for more than twenty years in the spiritual and community based organization in the Washington, DC, Bermuda and North Carolina. With focused on connecting non-profits and community-based organizations to implement, evaluate and disseminate evidence-based preventive health activities programs which develop solutions and management strategies to eliminate health disparities. For several years, NuAri Solutions has provided financial consultation to a natural foods co-op in Washington DC.


Current project includes working to establish the Renaissance Community Coop in NE Greensboro, NC.



Lulama became a disciple of the Enlightened Master (E.M.) Osho Rajneesh in 1981, which exposed him to the path of Tantra and meditation. During these first years of encountering the E.M. Osho, he met and began his study with the now re-knowned international Tantra Teacher Shantam Nityama. Lulama’s studying with Shantum Nityama gained him the insightful understanding of women’s psychological and emotional state. This helped shaped Lulama’s philosophy about the importance and need to develop tools that help women with emotional traumas to heal the psycho-emotional aspect of their person. It is through this exposure that he became an advocate for restoring the balance between men and women. 

Also taught by Wayne B. Chandler and Professor Shaha Mfundishi Massi, one of the most preeminent Afro internal  martial artist and Chi Gong master to date, finding the importance of Chi Gong and Afro-centric research that became the second layer for his research model. In 1993, Bro. Lulama was called to the feet of his ‘root spiritual Master of Wisdom, His Imperishable Glory (HIG) Bambi Baaba Babawue, an indigenous Ugandan Master of Wisdom. It is through HIG’s teachings that the forgotten history of Africa and humanity was revealed. Bro. Lulama is a trusted Adviser on the Histories & Practices of African Sacred Sciences, Afro-Tantra. Afro-Tantra is a transformative practice that covers the genesis of Tantra from the basin of lake Nnalubaale (Victoria of East Africa) via the ancient African civilization of Misiri (Egypt).

Tantra: The First Intercourse 
with KRSTN AlecSandRa ibn Bray

Ma KRSTN comes with over 30 years experience and is still growing. She is the First Ministering Priestess of Tantra Massage and Initiation Specialist, of Orme Temple. 

Tune into the Heart Chakra to discover and delve into the divinity within your body.

 Unveiling: What is "TRUE GODDESS"? How to activate and feel YOUR Goddess POWER; How does the Power of "Goddess' HEALS, VITALIZES, TRANSFORMS, and ENLIGHTENS?

Ormes Temple stands primarily upon Kemetic, Indian and Buddhist lineages for its Tantra teachings and applied practices. Ormes Temple integrates various holistic healing modalities into the Sacred Life Science Experience to open up the flow of healing and empowering Life Energies. 

 Ma KRSTN is an initiate of Kriya Yoga in 1978:  Gradual advancing in Tantra Understandings and Practices starting in the late 90's. Practicing with a number of adept Indian masters from Parmahansa Yogananda and DayaMata as well as other a number of other related Matas and all the SFR Kriya Lineage, Shri Param Eswaran, Parmahansa Nithyananda: She came into an in depth study in the Kemetic Traditions through the help and influences of  Dr. Muata Ashby and Ra Un Nefer Amun, Queen Afua, Cheik Antop Diop, Isha Schwaller DeLubicz and many other renknown masters. 


Restoring Feminine Sacredness

& Goddess Belly-Dancing

(WOMEN ONLY) with Mayasa Telfair

Bellydance instructor, 500RYT(Registered Yoga Teacher), Certified Kemetic Yoga , doTerra Independent Essential Oil Consultant, Kangen Alkaline Water Medical Device Distributor, Certified Birth Doula, Certified AADP (American Association Drugless Practitioner)

Self examination using massage, sacred yoni exercise (vaginal weight lifting w/ jade eggs), sensual belly dancing to help you reach your goals, holistic nutrition & natural no gimmick weight release methods, gentle yoga & soooo much more. 

Mayasa Telfair currently studies dance with master instructors and advanced teacher training.  Dance truly is a mind, body and spirit connection. She began her journey into the world of Belly-dance years ago as a member of the "Original MoorHips" Dance Company, the largest African bellydance troupe in the United States. She has studied with such instructors as Tarik Sultan, Oreet, Djenaba Bryant, Lotus, Morocco, Somra El Nubia and Nabeela El Shalimar to name a few.



    Meet the spiritual and wellness experts who shared their wealth of experience and knowledge at the April 2015 Expo.

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